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Last night, to relieve some stress, I sat down to play me some Bejeweled on the xbox.  I’m actually pretty good.  (I know, it’s sad.)  I got my highest score so far, over 800,000.  It shows you your ranking in the world, and I was something in the 2,000s.   I was pretty amazed.  That’s pretty good right?  In the world??  And I was playing for fun.

I thought: what if I actually practiced. What if I could get a world record??

Dan and I recently watched The King of Kong, a documentary on a challenger trying to beat the world record for Donkey Kong.  It sounds funny, but it’s actually a great drama.  There is a whole council set up to verify scores and establish official world records.  (available streaming on netflix)

Then I thought, I could try to get a documentary started on me attempting to get a bejeweled world record.  Harmless little Asian girl vying for top merits in an arcade game.

I asked Dan if he would support me and he said yes, absolutely.

This morning, Dan sends me an article of the current world record holder:

Are you effing kidding me?! over two BILLION points?? He actually BEAT the game- I didn’t know that was possible?  Bejeweled/Pop Cap founder explains that this player Mike, achieved the highest calculable score, causing his score to actually flip and go into the negatives.  He is featured on Bejeweled.com.

I felt like I did in elementary school when I was planning on being the first Asian female President of the United States and then I found out you had to be a native-born citizen.  My hopes and dreams were crushed.

For now, I think I’ll stick to recreational bejeweled and keep searching for another claim to fame.

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