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TV Boyfriends

Dan has an uncanny knack of identifying celebrity voiceovers in commercials and shows.  “Oh, that’s Kevin Spacey.”  “That one sounds like George Clooney.”

One time he said, “That’s your boyfriend.”  I realized I had to sift through a short list of guys before selecting the right person.  Funny, I have a lot of boyfriends!  For your enjoyment, here’s that list of TV boyfriends in no particular order:

1)  Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs

He probably comes home smelling like mud and sweat but it’s all good when he greets you with his deep soothing voice and a twinkle in his eye.  You don’t seem to mind his rough calloused hands because you know that he has been working hard for the money.  He’s the type of guy who only eats steak and potatoes, minus the potatoes.

2)  Bear Grylls, Man vs Wild

I don’t think it gets much hotter.  Ex member of the UK Special Forces, Bear can eat/kill/skin/fashion just about anything so that you can live and be sheltered.  You would never have to be afraid of dying if he’s near.  Plus he has an accent.

3) Adam Richman, Man vs Food

Lovable Adam has a big appetite but an even bigger sense of humor.  He’s clever and witty, and his love of life shines through.  One of my favorite Adam moments was when he had a milkshake contest.  The contest was literally like a huge bucket/bowl of milkshake that he had to consume.  Adam then makes a crazy decision- he orders a basket of fries.  As he narrates his strategy, he explains how the saltiness of the fries broke up the thick, sugary milkshake, and enabled him to eat it faster.  It was an extremely bold, tactical move.

4) Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Who doesn’t love a sweet, sensitive serial killer?  A blood pathologist with a hard body?  Sign me up.  [SPOILER ALERT] As a single dad, he has to manage his career, family, and still rid the world of bad people in his own way.  His character is the possible future name-sake of our unborn son.

And if you were curious about which boyfriend Dan was referring to, it was Mike Rowe, narrating How the Universe Works.  For the record, Michael C. Hall also does a voiceover in a Dodge commercial which Dan also identified.

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I pretty much learned everything about sex, alcohol and life in high school from Beverly Hills: 90210. (Team Brenda!) 

This show really opened my eyes to the ‘real world’.  I mean, when we had sex ed in elementary school, I literally thought only white people did it.  I confidently told my classmates that there HAD to be another way, because my parents were Korean, and they definitely did NOT do that. 

I lived vicariously through the popular girls on the show and envisioned having hot boyfriends like them (even though Luke Perry was like 40 when he was filming).  I used to try to purse my lips like Brenda thinking it was sexy, but it never really worked.  (It was difficult with braces and glasses.) 

When Dylan broke up with Brenda for the umpteenth time, and she listened to REM’s “Losing My Religion” on repeat in her room, I always thought that would be how I would deal with my first heartbreak.  (The actual situation years and years later involved Boone’s Farm and puking in a friend’s bathroom.)

I always identified most with Andrea (obviously).  She was the smartest one.  Ok… fine, she was also a big dork and wasn’t what you called, hot.  I was forever traumatized when she got pregnant after her first time with a boy, while all the other whores on the show never had a problem.  But that’s how real life is, right?

It’s shows like these that define a generation.  I laugh now about the fantasy world I thought high school would be.  I actually wouldn’t say I had “fun” in high school.  I think back at high school with regret over SAT scores and relive the stress over trying to get into a good college. 

College was where I really felt I grew up and learned a lot about myself and the world around me.  Things weren’t as black and white as I thought they were.  And this process of exploration and discovery was fun!  (That sounded like I dabbled in drug experimentation but that’s not the case.)  I made great friends and kept the ones that mattered.

But seriously, Kelly was a back-stabbing bitch, right?

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What’s in a name?

I recently went to court to change my last name, but in the process, decided to legalize my first name.

When my parents immigrated here when I was one, I used my given name, Hyon Bo Pak.  (In Korea, most names are 2 words.  “Bo” is not really a middle name- they are pronounced together.)  It wasn’t until 3rd grade when I moved school districts, where I took on the nickname Angela, and have used it ever since.

Kids are mean.  Because it is hard to pronounce, I used to get made fun of a lot.  (Pronounced like “hyun” and one syllable.)  Popular name teasing (I can’t believe I’m sharing this because it was painful) included “Rambo” and worst of all, “Dumbo”.  So my parents agreed I could use a nickname.

Where did Angela come from, you ask?

You see, my parents watched the hit TV sitcom “Who’s the Boss” (Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano also starred) and loved one of the main character’s name, Angela Bower, and asked me if I liked it too, and apparently, I agreed?

So since 3rd grade, I’ve used Angela for everything, but it wasn’t legal and not on any documents, my license, etc.

Now, to change your first name here, it is a different process than changing your last name.  Through marriage/divorce, you’re able to change your last name, no problem.  For the first name, you must pay $150 and go in front of judge, and take an oath that you are not changing your name for fraudulent reasons, and you are not a sex offender.

I went in front of the judge with about 8 other people, and I wondered if she would ask me why.  I came prepared to tell my Who’s the Boss story.  However, she was not amused and merely made us all take oaths individually and simply spelled out our old names and spelled out our new names and we swore with our right hand raised that it was for legit reasons.

The other people in the courtroom had some general spelling changes, hyphenation changes, etc.  But one rocker chick changed her name from Sarah to Status.  Interesting.

So, now I’m legally Angela Hyon Bo Donohue.  I wanted to keep my given name and told Dan our future child(ren) must have Korean middle names too.  I’m still getting used to seeing 2 new names on my license but it is fun watching people’s reactions when Angela Donohue is called and I show up.   (Yes, I married a white boy.)

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