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Introducing our first song

If you’ve been following our story so far, we hadn’t found a first song for our wedding.  We had several in the running, but none that really spoke to both of us.  This past weekend, we decided to do something completely different.  It’s a song you won’t find on any wedding top 10 list.  It’s called Praan, by Garry Schyman.

Why does this song sound familiar though?  If you’re one of the 28.8MM people who has seen the video Where the Hell is Matt 2008, it’s the music in the background.  [The YouTube video is posted at the end of this blog.]  Dan and I loved this video when we first saw it, and eventually, I even met the guy because he came to Amazon to share his story!  Matt is actually from Seattle, where the video ends at Gasworks Park.  The mp3 was #1 on Amazon for a few weeks.  I even got an autograph for Dan:

According to http://www.happyzebra.com, the distance from Taegu, South Korea where I was born, to Seattle (Dan was born in Puyallup, close enough) is 5,242 miles.  I noticed this as we were putting together our slideshow and noting the cities where we were born.  Isn’t it amazing we “found” each other halfway around the world?

We finally found a song which speaks to both of us and while it’s going to be very unconventional, hopefully it’ll put a smile on your face and a feeling of love and hope.  (if you feel like doing the jig during our first dance, feel free 🙂 )

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