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I know we are behind the times, but Dan and I got Netflix recently, after we got married and started living together.  Now I can’t imagine my life without it.  It’s a great business model and really caters to the customer.  Having the instant streaming helps also, so you always have a collection of movies to choose from.

However, the movies we’ve watched so far have been pretty awful.   Let me give you a quick preview:

  • Obsessed: with Beyonce and Ali Larter. OMG. I mean we didn’t expect anything more, but wow.
  • The Goods:  I actually thought this might have a potential of a ‘Knocked up’ or ‘Superbad’, but it was amazingly horrible.  Ken Jeong, tsk tsk.
  • Brothers:  Spiderman (aka Toby Maguire) had one good 5 min scene where he goes bizerk but other than that, it was painfully slow, didn’t get in depth with the characters (which is too bad because they cast Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman), and ended pretty abruptly.

Now, I have heard from Dan and many others that I have bad taste in movies.  I obviously disagree.   Here are some other movies I think are awful-  like in my top 10 probably.  Couldn’t pay me to watch these again:

  • Zoolander– not. funny.
  • Lost in translation– ?????
  • Here on Earth:  Leelee Sobieski and Chris Klein, need I say more?
  • My Boss’s Daughter:  Tara Reid and Ashton Kutcher make a perfect insanely stupid couple.
  • I know who killed me:  Oh LiLo… Can’t believe we actually watched the whole thing.
  • Anything with Adam Sandler.  Why does he ALWAYS talk like he’s mentally retarded?  ALWAYS.  for EVERY character.
  • and also a plug for Julia Stiles here.  Cannot act.

I’ll do a future post on what I believe are great actors and films.  But thoughts so far?  And no, I didn’t think Napoleon Dynamite was funny either :(.

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