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Mo Money Mo Problems?

It’s like the more money we come across/the more problems we see

My friend and I were discussing how this could be true, but only over a certain threshold.  Because, a little mo money is going to solve a lot of problems for us right now.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Biggie is/was worth about $160 MM.  It doesn’t clarify if this includes all his post death sales, etc., but let’s use this number.  It probably wasn’t this much when he died either.

I think the dollar figure is far less than $160MM though, but not just a lil mo.  I’m thinking it’s got to be at least in the tens of millions for it to start being problematic.  Even if someone gave me $5 MM right now, I’d just buy a house and a car and most of it would be gone, no?  Perhaps it starts somewhere north of $50MM.

Another friend and I were discussing money over lunch as well, and it also matters where you think you’re at relative to your friends.  Guy Kawasaki recently tweeted an article about this- that you are more happy only relative to your friends and the people around you.  Even if you made a million dollars, if all your friends made 2 million, you would feel unhappy.

I definitely have monetary goals in my life and am working hard to achieve them.  Money isn’t everything, but it helps in a lot of different ways to achieve other life goals more comfortably.

On the topic of rap, here’s my all time favorite rap line, from Forgot about Dre.  It’s bolded but I added the lines around for context:

I told em all – all them little gangstas
Who you think helped mold em all?
Now you wanna run around talkin bout guns like I aint got none
What you think I sold em all?

Cause I stay well off
Now all I get is hate mail all day sayin dre fell off

Dre seems pretty insecure here and this line just cracks me up.  He must proclaim, yes, he indeed, still owns and possesses guns, so don’t mess with him.  I love it.

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