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Easy love

We still don’t have a first song.  Many love songs tell a story of a tumultuous relationship, and finally, the loves are able to be with one another; that they’ve gone through so much and they’ve overcome the challenges the world has given them to be together.  That is not our story, so I can’t justify using songs with that type of content.

Dan and I really had it easy (in my opinion- minus the slight issue with my parents, but between us, very good).  We were really good friends for a couple years and it blossomed almost naturally.  I think there was some really good timing involved, and voila, a great relationship was born.  I hadn’t dated much at all prior to Dan since we started dating when I was 21, so it’s not that I had to go through a million guys to find the one.

Our personalities are also pretty similar in respect to being pretty drama-free, chill, etc.  We’ve never had any big fights, and he never makes me cry.  Sure we get frustrated and annoyed, and have our tiffs, but I can’t recall a day going by where we were still angry at one another.

Almost all Korean dramas (mini-series) tell a story of a tragic love- someone is almost always diagnosed with a non-treatable form of cancer, or forbidden loves (aka romeo and juliet), or for some reason the girl and guy just cannot be together.  So much so that they are so depressed they cannot eat and eventually collapse of dehydration and starvation (this would never be me).  So in love that they would choose to die just to spend one more day together.

(As an aside I remember walking in while my parents were watching one and there was a little girl and everyone was crying and I asked what was wrong, and my mom says in English “she has AIDS.”  dear god!)

Again- not our story.

But does our easy love make it any less than those that have had a difficult road?  (reminds me of that walmart commercial:  does the dog love the dog food any less because we spent less on it?)  We all have different paths to finding our significant others and every story is different and beautiful.

So in light of our valentine’s day where we shared my parents’ teriyaki over wine, a glade candle, and watching dinosaur reproduction, cheers to us baby, and to our fun and easy love.

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