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After my recent knee pain from running, a friend suggested I try to take more calcium.  I watch Dan diligently take his vitamins every day, so I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea, and had Dan buy me a gigantic bottle of Women One-a-day’s from Costco.

The first time I took it, I immediately got really nauseous.  It was like a wave that hit me maybe a few minutes after taking it in the morning.  I hadn’t taken it with any food, so I looked around to eat something right away because I felt like throwing up.  It subsided after an hour or so.

The next time I took it, I made sure to eat something first (I normally don’t eat breakfast, just coffee) and still about 10 min later, felt the same wave nauseousness that I had to lie down for half an hour to keep from throwing up.  Now I’m officially scared to try it again.

I did some research and it looks like many women are experiencing this after taking vitamins.  One review suggests that it’s specifically the iron that make people sick.  Apparently, only 18mg of Iron is recommended for women under 30 and this pill contains all 18mg.  So if you eat a lot of red meat, which I do, it might be too much.  I am OD-ing on vitamins!

I wonder why my body is rejecting nutrients – should I keep trying it or forget about it?  I have a full bottle with 2109385203958 pills minus 2 so if anyone else would like to try some, let me know!

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