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Ode to Dinner Club

Dan and I have been going to a “dinner club” for almost two years now.  It started with a friend of mine at work, and expanded into 4 couples eating and drinking themselves silly in the comfort of someone’s house.

The profile of dinner club is different than our “normal group” we hang out with on the weekends.  Dinner club sounds more sophisticated, but let me assure you, it’s not.  Though, there are children and homes involved.  There is an eastside couple with an adorable 3 year old.  She was probably our first kid encounter- like actually hanging out with a child.  Now that she’s older and less shy, one dinner club we literally watched her dance to music for an hour straight.  And it was hilarious and the best time ever.  Apparently she also tried to “wake me up” when I was passed out this weekend.  More on that later.

There is another couple that just had a baby boy who is now about 6 mos old.  This is pretty much the first baby we’ve encountered and he is awesome too.  He’s been to 2 or 3 dinner clubs now but usually sleeps through them.  This past weekend though, he was full of energy and was kicking around.  I let him hold my finger for awhile.

And the third couple is currently with child.  She likes to try to rub her belly on Dan because it freaks him out.  I think it’s funny and encourage her to do so.  Says the guy who wants to have 3 kids?!  He better get used to a big belly.  And that is the first baby in utero we’ve been hanging out with!

So yes, Dan and I are the youngest couple in that sense since we are the only ones not married and without a home.  I felt better at least when we got engaged and I was able to announce I was no longer the whore of dinner club.

So actually, the dad of the 3 year old bet me over the weekend that I would be pregnant by 29.  I remembered this!   I’m going to earn $100 in a little over 2 years.  I’m sure he was regretting this bet though after my behavior by the end of the night.  Am I the first one to puke at dinner club?  Technically, I puked right after we got home out of the car.  But like, right after I got out of the car- into a bag I was holding all the way home.

Poor preggers mama-to-be was driving a caravan of us Seattle folks + a baby back home after I passed out on the floor, and then the stairs of the couples’ house.  Surprisingly, I’m the 2nd person to do this, but that couple is no longer allowed at dinner club (for other reasons).  Dan was afraid we’d be kicked out too so I had to call all 3 couples the next day and apologize.  (It was exhausting!)

Anyway, dinner club is awesome.  I think Dan and I get to benefit most from it as we learn a lot about “adult” life and how surprisingly different but really fun it is.  Staying home and drinking is sounding better and better than going out.  And surrounding yourself with your family and friends is even better.

Various old pics of dinner club… I think there was video of me taken this weekend too that I hope never surfaces:

we did a dinner club field trip to a salsa dancing lesson!

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