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Day 11

Happiness level has stagnated and at least it hasn’t gotten worse, though still much lower than normal.  I think the first week is harder because it’s new and the second week you just suck it up and do it.

Over the weekend Dan and I went to Cafe Flora, a vegan restaurant that serves a lot of gluten-free foods as well.

We sat in this atrium which had a nice ambiance.  I could still only eat a couple things off the menu.  I chose the:

Buckwheat crepes filled with split pea artichoke stew, ginger coriander carrot sauce, and a petite citrus bell
pepper salad. (vegan & gluten free)

It was interesting and not bad, but not something I would choose again if I wasn’t on this detox.

2 days ago, my caffeine withdrawal headaches came back and lingered for over a day.  I’ve felt bloated for over a week.  Now it’s Day 11 and I still don’t feel that renewed sense of energy, vitality, and focus.  Where is it?! This cleanse is almost over!

I did lose about 5 pounds and I know I’m eating healthier cuz I have to, but so far, not worth it.  Last night I made Dan a very healthy meal which included salmon, baby red potatoes, and green beans.  But it was kinda bland without all the glorious sauces that could have been added.  I also was dying for a glass of red wine.  But I was good.

I am thinking that maybe this ‘enlightenment’ comes only after you’ve finished the cleanse, in terms of appreciating the foods you were taking for granted, and taking a step back and trying to cut part of it out slowly and reasonably.  I promise after this detox to appreciate sugar, wheat, dairy, red meat, caffeine, and alcohol a lot more!

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Waiting for Enlightenment

Day 3 I started to get a headache so much so that I took off work early to go home and take a nap.  I felt a little better but drugs did not help and I knew it was from lack of caffeine.

Day 4 I wake up with a sore throat.  I know this is probably completely unrelated to the detox, but I secretly feel like the meat, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars, and wheat have been protecting me all along!  They were keeping my body safe and warm.

Also, I faced my first real temptations.  After work we had a goodbye party for a coworker on Amazon’s tab. No alcohol 😦 that was really hard.  Then off to a friends seis de mayo party.  Homemade enchiladas hot out of the oven, rice, chips and salsa, trophy cupcakes, and skinny girl margaritas.  Are you kidding me?!

Surprisingly, the alcohol was the easiest to resist of them all.  I was dying to have a cheesy enchilda but hooray for me, I didn’t cheat!  I ate the cliff bar and rice cakes I brought with me. It sucked. A lot.

Today is Day 5 and I’m on cold meds.  My body doesn’t feel any different and I am waiting for the vivid enlightenment, extra energy, newfound vitality and focus to kick in.  Meanwhile, happiness level, way down.  The weekend will be hard.

I hear it takes a week to 10 days to really start feeling good, so I guess I’ll keep waiting.  I did find that I lost 1-3 pounds today at the gym.  I can’t tell the difference but so far, still not worth it.  9 more days to go!

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Supreme Cleanse

I am inviting you to take this journey with me, because I don’t want to do it alone…

I had a couple of colleagues try out this Supreme Cleanse awhile back, and they said great things about it.  It was a 2 week herbal program that is supposed to help you detox your system and revitalize you.  Accompanied with a strict diet and exercise, the goals are to ‘gain vitality and renewed energy’ in a safe, natural detoxification.

I’ve never dieted my whole life and thought if I can’t do something for 2 weeks right before the wedding, when can I?  The largest accomplishment of my life in terms of food was switching from whole milk in my coffee at sbux to non fat.  I was that girl that always got regular and often times, the baristas would make it non-fat when I didn’t say anything.  Were they trying to tell me something?  And then I’d always have to go back to the bar and say, no, I want the fat back in please.  Anyway, it took a whole year to wean off it.  I went to 2%, then to 1%, and now the taste of non-fat is good.

I’ve definitely started exercising a whole lot more in the past few years, though, with goals only to maintain my lifestyle of eating out and drinking.  My friend says maintenance is not a goal and I firmly beg to differ.

Anyway, I don’t have delusions and think that by doing this for 2 weeks I will lose 50 pounds.  And that’s not the goal.  I’ve been the same weight pretty much for the past 5-8 years or so- I’m not willing to make dramatic sacrifices to my daily life to lose a few pounds.  I’m testing my will power, and detoxing is always good for you.

Today is Day 1.  Oh, but the frustration begins Day-1, yesterday.  Going to the grocery store was not fun.  Here are the foods the cleanse wants you to avoid:

  • products containing refined sugars
  • dairy products
  • chocolate
  • soda and juice that is not 100% fruit or veg
  • alcohol
  • breads
  • fried foods
  • wheat
  • red meats
  • shellfish
  • soy
  • tobacco products

Did you know that EVERYTHING has sugar in it?  and EVERYTHING has wheat in it?  It’s pretty much impossible.  I will be making some small exceptions with foods cuz it’s just not going to happen and I’m not going to eat lettuce for 2 weeks straight.

I am already missing my daily morning coffee.  Wish me luck for the next 2 weeks!!

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