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You either have a quizzical look on your face wondering where I’m going with this, or, you are like, no way, how did she get a big metal chicken? Technically, it may be a cousin of Beyonce’s, as it was a large metal bird rather than a chicken, but close enough.

If you are one of the former, I advise you to take five minutes to read this blog post from The Bloggess.  Normally, you don’t want to give any reader a reason to leave your page, but this is that good.  Still think that’s dumb?  Tell Beyonce’s 30K fans on Facebook.

This post is not actually about the gift, which actually is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful presents I have ever witnessed.  (She loves garden sculptures and outdoor decor, and especially loves birds- she has several bird feeders in her backyard.  Dan’s father actually go this handmade!)  It just made me think of Jenny’s blog post and how funny she was.  I wish I was that funny! and that gifted in writing.

I mean, again, if you haven’t clicked on the link above, bookmark it and come back to it later.  She is huh-lar-i-ous.  I wish I could do that.  Some people have these raw talents that you know they are just born with, like running, cooking, finding rich husbands, etc.

It’s funny how your aspirations change as you get older.  In my younger, spring-chicken-y-er days, I would have said, I wish I could dance.  Like really dance.  I can get 5 stars on a Dance Central song (let’s battle!) but it doesn’t come naturally.  I also don’t have the innate “soul” it takes within, to make dancing look good.

Then I thought, I wish I could sing, like really good.  So I could show off in karoake bars and other random events that might require me to sing in front of people.  Perhaps someone needs someone to do the National Anthem somewhere?

Now, I wish I could do mental math more quickly, be great at public speaking, and other more professional items.  I guess this is what happens when you get older?

I wonder what other goals will change as our lives evolve?  What did you want to be when you grew up?  Is it the same as what you thought 10 years ago? 5?

While you ponder on that, here’s Beyonce’s cousin:

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