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TV Boyfriends

Dan has an uncanny knack of identifying celebrity voiceovers in commercials and shows.  “Oh, that’s Kevin Spacey.”  “That one sounds like George Clooney.”

One time he said, “That’s your boyfriend.”  I realized I had to sift through a short list of guys before selecting the right person.  Funny, I have a lot of boyfriends!  For your enjoyment, here’s that list of TV boyfriends in no particular order:

1)  Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs

He probably comes home smelling like mud and sweat but it’s all good when he greets you with his deep soothing voice and a twinkle in his eye.  You don’t seem to mind his rough calloused hands because you know that he has been working hard for the money.  He’s the type of guy who only eats steak and potatoes, minus the potatoes.

2)  Bear Grylls, Man vs Wild

I don’t think it gets much hotter.  Ex member of the UK Special Forces, Bear can eat/kill/skin/fashion just about anything so that you can live and be sheltered.  You would never have to be afraid of dying if he’s near.  Plus he has an accent.

3) Adam Richman, Man vs Food

Lovable Adam has a big appetite but an even bigger sense of humor.  He’s clever and witty, and his love of life shines through.  One of my favorite Adam moments was when he had a milkshake contest.  The contest was literally like a huge bucket/bowl of milkshake that he had to consume.  Adam then makes a crazy decision- he orders a basket of fries.  As he narrates his strategy, he explains how the saltiness of the fries broke up the thick, sugary milkshake, and enabled him to eat it faster.  It was an extremely bold, tactical move.

4) Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Who doesn’t love a sweet, sensitive serial killer?  A blood pathologist with a hard body?  Sign me up.  [SPOILER ALERT] As a single dad, he has to manage his career, family, and still rid the world of bad people in his own way.  His character is the possible future name-sake of our unborn son.

And if you were curious about which boyfriend Dan was referring to, it was Mike Rowe, narrating How the Universe Works.  For the record, Michael C. Hall also does a voiceover in a Dodge commercial which Dan also identified.

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