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Penthouse 13

Welcome to our new home!  We closed on this 2bdrm/2bath condo almost 2 weeks ago and it’s just starting to sink in that we actually own a home and have a mortgage, and are really entering the real world.

Don’t let the title fool you though- we’re just on the 6th floor and there are 12 other penthouses, but apparently it sounded more glamorous than 613 so that’s our unit number.  We envision being here at least for the next 5 years and hope to save up to buy a house.  But for now, this is more space than we thought we would have and love being in the city.

I wanted to post some pictures of the unit as it was posted on redfin.  The sellers bought it a year ago to flip so they put in some model furniture.  Not ours 😦  Currently, the condo sits empty with a bottle of champagne in the fridge.

Dan did a great job painting over that ugly red accent wall- here is his first try ever with primer:

I will be moving in probably in the next few weeks, and Dan to follow suit in about 6-7 weeks until the wedding 🙂  Unlike many couples these days, we are going to wait to officially live together until we tie the knot.  Everyone pray that this doesn’t result in a short marriage!! haha

We are very blessed to be able to start our lives together with a new home and lots of new things to fill it from our friends and family.  We can’t wait to have you over!

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